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At Stretch Affect, we’re here to help you get your body ready so you can swing fast and play great golf. Our golf specific assessment will give you the information you need to upgrade your power and lower your scores.

Discover your hidden limitations.

We teach you about your body.

The Body/Swing Connection: You can only swing better if your body allows it. We will identify what body parts are holding you back and develop a plan to improved those areas.

Joint and Tissue health: The architecture of your joints and the quality of your tissues will determine how fast you can swing and whether or not there will be pain. We coach you how to improve your tissue quality and train your joints so they can handle more speed without pain.

Speed and Power: While we improve joint health we will also work to improve segmental stability and mobility. As we gain independent control of the body we can add speed to each segment to improve the lag in your swing and gain effortless power.

Our System

Step 1

Golf specific/full body assessment: We find your hidden limitations and compare them to any golf swing characteristics you may be using to get around your limitations.

Step 2

We equip you with tools and strategies to begin improving your movement quality and swinging freely.

Step 3

Celebrate a new youthful swing and enjoy the game you love like never before.

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