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4 assisted stretching benefits for an endurance athlete

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December 11, 2017

Right, so you are heading off to your chosen health practitioner to indulge in your assisted stretching benefits program. Great idea! First, join us while we delve a little deeper into this fascinating topic. This will help get our minds firmly tuned to the concept of muscle stretching routines in terms of the benefits and rewards.

Assisted Stretching Benefits Explained

Practitioner-assisted stretching is essentially where a trainer works with a patient to ensure proper control over a stretching session. It targets the muscle groups that individuals need to stretch or lengthen. Assisted stretching benefits accrue both before and after exercise during static stretching routines.

Typical reasons for incorporating stretching as part of your fitness and performance routine include:

  • A decrease in post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Less risk of developing potential injuries
  • Improved motion range
  • Relief from cramping

Assisted stretching benefits, particularly static stretching, on each one of the above scenarios have much support at health practitioner level.

Cramp Relief from Assisted Stretching Benefits

The origins and development of muscle cramps are the focus of many research papers. These cramps take the form of sudden, involuntary, painful muscle contractions. Their pathophysiology remains poorly understood. One theory is that cramps result from changes in motor neuron excitability. Another is that they result from spontaneous discharges of the motor nerves.

A couple of years back, respected French academic, Pascal Edouard highlighted six effective – though not completely verified – strategies for the reduction of exercise-associated muscle cramps. These are:

  1. Always taper before the big event by cutting back on exercising
  2. Train your neuromuscular system – discuss this with your health practitioner
  3. Include a decent warm up in order to achieve assisted stretching benefits
  4. Include stretching in your warm-up as directed by your practitioner
  5. Slide progressively into the exercise routines
  6. Allow for full recovery between sets and between competitions

Remember to listen to your body and avoid pushing the limits too far, too quickly. The consequences can be devastating.

Points to Ponder to Obtain Assisted Stretching Benefits

When formulating the perfect stretching routines with your health practitioner, you should consider basic issues carefully. For example:

  • Are you female or male? Straight away, different drivers apply
  • Do you fully understand what you are about to participate in?
  • Have you considered your limitations for the actions you are engaging in?
  • How long do you need to engage in stretching exercises?
  • After stretching exercises, how long should you wait before performing?

Exercise Therapy: Assisted Stretching Benefits

Sometimes we need a little help with stretching when in pain to help relieve it. A Stretch Station practitioner can gently extend our arms and legs while we relax on a treatment table. After a few sessions, the healing process kicks in and we begin to feel better. Continuing the exercises ourselves at home enhances the assisted stretching benefits. Click here and find out how stretching and athletic performance go hand in hand. Happy healing whether you are recovering from an accident or performing on the sports field!

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