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Give your team the longevity advantage.

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Corporate Wellness

performance posture in san diego

This is not your typical wellness program that includes a gym membership or discount fitness classes.
Our program isn’t focused on working out…we alleviate and prevent musculoskeletal issues through assessment and corrective action.
Your team will gain the knowledge, skills, and capacity to move better keeping them healthy and happy for years to come.

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The human body is the most expensive equipment each of us uses for work. Just as you would perform preventative maintenance on pieces of equipment, we should do the same for our bodies.

***The seated office worker has more musculoskeletal injuries than any other industry sector.***

This doesn’t have to be—we are here to shatter this fact with a simple yet powerful online performance posture workshop.

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performance posture workshop

An online series of short videos demonstrating easily implementable exercises that reverse the detrimental consequences of poor sitting posture.

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With the performance posture series
employees will learn:
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    introduction and foundation

    Our goal is to improve movement pattern quality to improve overall health.

    Dysfunctional movement is often linked to pain and increased risk of injury. Our training program is designed to improve movement patterns to both enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

    We achieve this by incorporating corrective and preventative exercises to retrain dysfunctional movement patterns with high-quality movement patterns focused on flexibility, stability, mobility, and the full healing of any existing injuries.

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    Breath, Posture and deskbound Stretches

    Learn what optimal desk posture looks like, introduction to proper breathing posture and technique, improve diaphragmatic (belly) breathing.

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    Mobility Joint Training (Upper and Lower Body) Exercises

    Gain range of motion and improve the ability of a joint to move freely without impingement or pain.Both upper and lower body exercises are included.

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    Deskbound Activate (Upper and Lower Body) Exercises

    Work through exercises that build endurance for those muscles that help support our posture over the course of a workday. Both upper and lower body exercises are included.

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custom corporate solutions

Our Process: Where it Begins

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    evaluate your needs

    While this is an asynchronous online program, we are here to help guide your decision making and get you comfortable with the program. We'll start with conducting a video consultation to understand your needs. Designed as an open conversation we gain a better understanding of your needs and we explain how we can achieve your goals. This will give us the information to generate a plan that’s right for your organization.

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    executive discussion and employee primer

    Once its determined we can meet your needs, we discuss the program with the executive team to gain a full understanding of what will be offered and expected results. Once all of your company goals and messaging are in alignment we proceed to having a virtual or in-person talk with your employees to educate and inspire them to create lasting change.

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    continuous follow up

    Whether in person (in the San Diego area) or online, we are here to answer questions and provide feedback. We are in this together to provide guidance and help your employees succeed.

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    Yes! We understand that you may have some reservations about the effectiveness of this program being done online. Rest assured we have helped many people virtually. Plus we are always available to answer your questions.

  • Alleviate pain and help eliminate progression of a minor injury into a chronic or debilitating injury.
  • Life-long self-maintenance strategies to reduce risk of injury and establish routines for an overall healthy musculoskeletal system.
  • Recover quicker and return to work lessening the burdens that directly impact productivity.
  • Reduce claims
  • Happier, healthier workforce
  • Improve your bottom line

Common Issues We Can Help With

Common Issues

Our treatment programs work for just about any condition or injury you can think of:

  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Shin Splints
  • Sciatica
  • neck pain
  • Lack of Strength/Stability
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Knee Problems
  • Shoulder Pain
  • poor balance

The 2023 Business Group on Health Survey responses showed:

74% of employers believe that virtual health will have a significant impact on how care is delivered in the future and 84% believe that integrating virtual health and in-person care delivery is essential and the most important action their partners can take.


If we are providing any onsite services (in the San Diego area), pricing is determined by the needs of your company.

We welcome having an initial discovery call to understand what you need and discuss how we can provide the best solution.

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Wow on speaker Kyle today. His content, presentation, and instruction were phenomenal…yet so practical! I intend to add these exercises to my daily routine. Today has just been great…this is the kind of knowledge and potential relationships I find the most value in.

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