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14 of the best stretches for golfers

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May 14, 2021

Have you ever noticed how fluid a pro’s swing looks? They can make a 400-yard drive look effortless. And that’s not by accident. To achieve top athletic performance, they train both for strength and flexibility.

And while you may not expect to make the cut of The Master’s with today’s round, or be at the pinnacle of flexibility and athleticism, wouldn’t it be nice to shoot as well as you can without feeling sore afterward?

Even the most leisurely day on the course can put plenty of stress on your body. To best prepare yourself for today’s round, try the following stretches. Later, if you’d like to up your game even further, you may try assisted stretching to learn how to make stretching more effective. For now, take a look at how you can improve your flexibility today with these top stretches for golfers.

14 of the Best Stretches for Golfers

1.Lateral Neck Stretch

With your hands behind your head, look straight ahead. Slowly move your head toward one shoulder without moving the same shoulder toward your ear. Hold and then move your head back up. Repeat on the other side of your head.

2. Forearm Palms Out Stretch

Lock your fingers together with your palms facing down. Lift your hands up and slowly straighten your arms with your palms facing outward and hold. Bring your arms back in and relax.

3. Parallel Arm Shoulder Stretch

Bend one arm ninety degrees and gently make a fist. Straighten your other arm and place it inside the bent arm. Then, pull the fist of the bent arm toward your body. You should feel a stretch in your tricep and shoulder area. Hold, relax, and repeat with the other arm.

4. Upper Back Reaching Stretch

Begin with both arms crossed and lifted in front of you, palms facing down. Bow your head down into the triangle made by your arms. Hold for 20 – 30 seconds. Return upright and relax.

5. Shoulder Extension Stretch

Stand upright and interlock your hands together behind your back with your arms straight. Hold your hands together and pull your arms upward behind your back until you feel the stretch. Hold and release.

6. Cross-Legged Banana Stretch

Stand with your legs crossed. Make sure you are balanced. Lean sideways in the direction of your back foot until you feel a stretch from your hip to your shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

7. Cat-Cow Back Stretch

This stretch takes place on the ground while on your hands and knees. Curl your back inward, toward the ground, and raise your head upward. Hold. Then allow your head to fall forward and arch your back upward. Hold and release.

8. Spine Rotation Stretch

Begin on all fours. Take one arm and bring it upward toward the sky while turning your head in the same direction. Hold, switch sides, and repeat.

9. Runner’s Lunge Stretch

Kneel on one knee with your hips squarely forward. Slowly lean forward, stretching both your front and back legs. Hold and then repeat using the opposite legs. Make sure your back toe is pointed.

10. Cobra Stretch

Begin lying face down with toes pointed downward. Raise your shoulders up with both arms placed directly underneath them until your head is upright. Hold, lower yourself down, and relax.

11. Butterfly Stretch

Sit on the ground with your legs parallel and straight out. Pull your feet toward your groin by bending your knees outward. The soles of your feet should be touching each other. With your hands on your ankles, apply pressure to each leg by pushing it toward the ground. Hold and release.

12. Back (Knee to Chest) Stretch

Laying on your back, slowly lift one leg to your chest until you feel the stretch. Your other knee can be in a slightly bent position. Hold, lower your leg, and repeat on the other side.

13. Sit-and-Reach Stretch

Begin sitting with your legs forward. Reach forward toward your feet until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs. You may or may not be able to touch your feet. Either way, it’s okay. Hold and release.

14. Lying Knee Roll-Over

Start by laying on your back with your knees bent. With your shoulders remaining flat on the ground, roll your hips to one side so that your knees point parallel to the ground. Hold and repeat rolling to the other side.

Typical Golfer Objections to Stretching

I’m not a serious golfer, what’s the point? All the more reason to stretch. Today’s round is going to require your body to move in ways it’s not trained for or used to doing. Why not prepare for it?

I don’t have time! Get to the course early and stretch.  If you need to, stretch in the parking lot before your friends arrive.

I don’t see other golfers doing it. Stretching is embarrassing. Would you rather be leaving the course in pain? Another option is to stretch out at home or in your hotel room before you head out.

Remember To Stretch, Then Shoot

It’s that simple. Your most important piece of equipment for your next round of golf is your body.   To learn more about how stretching can make a world of difference in your game and in your health, contact the experts at Stretch Affect in San Diego today at (619) 389-3718.

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