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4 trending chiropractor alternative methods

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November 6, 2017

Chiropractic treatments for mechanical disorders of the spine may work, especially where shoulders, vertebrae, and hips become deranged. However, the manipulative therapy can be invasive and in some cases leave permanent side effects. If we leave a chiropractor’s rooms feeling as if an entire NFL team just tackled us, we may feel the need to seek out gentler chiropractor alternatives. Here we discuss the top four ones trending in America.

1. The Ancient Chiropractor Alternative: Massage

The earliest reference to therapeutic massage is in a book titled, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine,” published in China 4,700 years ago. This book is still a foundation for the chiropractic alternative we call a massage. Authoritative WebMD describes how therapeutic professional massage may relieve neck pain if delivered in three, one-hourly sessions a week.

WebMD describes back pain as a common problem arising from hunching at a computer desk, a car accident, and even sleeping in unsuitable positions. All these issues can easily be solved by a deep tissue massage. Moreover, they caution against neck massages by an inexperienced person who might unintentionally cause harm. “We are moving away from simple fixes like a pill to a more complex view that involves a lot of lifestyle changes,” they say.

2. Yoga As an Alternative Form of Massage

Yoga International draws a distinction between a yoga class and a yoga therapy session. Whereas we may enroll in a yoga class to explore ancient Vedic tradition, a yoga patient is searching for relief from a health condition. Huffington Post speaks of a yoga therapist as one who “understands the body/mind connection through the lens and with the tools of yoga”.

For some, yoga is a good solution for post-traumatic back and shoulder pain. As a gentler chiropractor alternative, yoga has the distinction of also embracing emotional and spiritual health. To be effective, patients must place value on this form of holistic therapy, since much of what happens is in their minds.

3. Osteopathy Compared to Yoga Massage

Osteopathy is a blend of therapeutic massage and yoga massage that a medical doctor may include in their skill set. The NHS advises it is “a way of detecting, treating, and preventing health problems by moving, stretching, and massaging a person’s muscles and joints.” It rests on the well being principle that bones, connective tissue, ligaments, and muscles must work harmoniously together.

Osteopathy has no basis in medical science, although patients do report distinct improvements in their muscular and skeletal health. There is no hard evidence for claims that this osteopathic chiropractic alternative relieves painful periods, headaches, and migraines.

4. Stretching Therapy: The Perfect Chiropractor Alternative

When a cat arises from a nap it stretches, as it naturally brings its bones, connective tissues, ligaments, and muscles harmoniously together. All birds and animals stretch a wing or limb regularly as an organic pathway to feeling well. We do something similar when getting out of bed to our feet after lying down for hours. Thus stretching is a natural self-therapeutic process.

It can happen that we need a little help with stretching when in pain and to relieve it. A Stretch Station practitioner can gently extend our arms and legs while we relax on a treatment table. After a few sessions, we begin to heal, and we can stretch ourselves at home. Read here how stretching and athletic performance go hand in hand in this, the ultimate chiropractor alternative.

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