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December 14, 2018

We all know that flexibility is necessary to help ensure our body ready for just about any type of muscular pain. However, lack of flexibility, poor posture, and even stress can lead to discomfort in many joints and cause neck pain. This type of soreness is quite common in those who work at a desk for long periods during the day. The good news is there are different neck stretches you can perform even while at your desk to help alleviate the pain and work-related stress. These techniques will have you feeling better in no time and ready to finish your day.

Because your pain may occur while you are at your desk, the first three stretching options can be accomplished without requiring you to leave your work area or specialized equipment.

1. Neck Rolls

If you are in need of some quick relief for neck stiffness, try slowly bringing your head down to your chest and then up to look to the ceiling and back down toward the ground. Incorporating some gentle neck rolls will also help in reducing any pain. This type of neck stretches should be repeated five times and is ideal as an impromptu stress reliever.

2. Shoulder Shrugs

A second useful exercise you may want to add to the neck stretches mentioned above is shoulder shrugs. With your feet flat on the ground shrug your shoulders upward as high as possible. Hold for a few seconds, then lower shoulders. You can also rotate your shoulders forward and back while shrugging.

3. Shoulder Blade Stretches

When it comes to reducing neck pain this form of neck stretches is effectual. While sitting in your chair, raise arms to a 90-degree angle. Contract the muscles between the shoulder blades, then relax them. Complete five times.

4. Passive Stretching Exercises

Do you find yourself enduring regular episodes of neck pain? If yes, you may find greater relief with passive stretching exercises. These stretches require some form of assistance, which include your weight, leverage, stretching device or another person.

One passive exercise that works wells for the neck area is passive spine and neck stretches that are performed on the floor with supports under your knees, chest area and head. Keeping your chin down, “walk” shoulders blades away from your waist. This exercise can be repeated five times.

Trying Assisted Stretching

If you are having difficulty with any of the discussed exercises or stretches, you may want to consider manual assisted stretching to help combat your neck discomfort. Working with a trained professional can offer support in completing the techniques and provide additional suggestions to maintain your quality of life, pain-free. Stretching programs are also available that will help improve your flexibility and strength, thus, reducing or eliminating future pain.

Try Stretch Station, a comprehensive stretch therapy that focuses on your overall well-being. Our licensed practitioners can provide a personalized stretch for patients seeking relief from conditions like stiffness, sore muscles, and pain. Contact us for a free consultation stretch. You’ll leave our office feeling relief, relaxation, and happiness.

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Stretch Affect

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