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5 soreness recovery techniques for back pain

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March 26, 2018

Back pain. It is the troubling, agonizing feeling that prevents you from living your everyday life. Hit with stabbing and shooting pain in your back, you grimace at the thought of moving about your day, knowing full-well it will be an unbearable feat. Been there, done that? Everybody has at some point endured back pain. There are numerous culprits including a miserable night’s rest, improper posture, overworked muscles, or one’s age. Regardless of the cause, if you are one of the many who has suffered from lower back pain here are five soreness recovery techniques that could help you find useful relief and have you going about your day pain-free.

1. Proper Bedroom Furnishing

When it comes to alleviating back pain, look to improve your sleep and changing up your good ol’ mattress. Whether you are a light, restless kind of snoozer or one that snores like a log, not getting a good’s night rest can be the source of constant pain in your back. Starting with your mattress, make sure it does not have exposed springs or other hardware coming through the mattress top. Worn down mattress areas are also a no-no. If years of use have your bed reduced to springy hills and valleys, it is well past time for a replacement. Once you have ensured your mattress is in top form, allow yourself to get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep at night without the distraction of technology. Turn off your laptop, television, and cellphone. Get rid of anything that distracts you. A great mattress and plenty of rest can have you feeling tip top in no time.

2. The Impact of Compression

Need to take the soreness recovery technique out of the bedroom and into the boardroom? Compression garments could prove invaluable when you “have” to go about your day with back pain. Referred to as “recovery wear,” t-shirts and even full body suits are available these days. Used by many athletes, wearing a compression shirt or bodysuit under your business attire could improve your posture, thus, easing any back pain.

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3. Rest up & Feel Great

Whether you overwork your muscles at your job or the gym, rest is a necessity for soreness recovery. If a long day has your back twinging or stiff, take time out and relax. A quick 20-minute nap, or just closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can have those overworked muscles relaxing in no time. If your back pain is the result of overdoing it from a workout, take a break. Give your body a day or so in between working out. Just slowing it down will have your back thanking you and it will be ready to support your next gym visit.

4. Stay Flexible

As a person ages, they become aware of the body’s limitations; soreness recovery becomes a difficult task. Regardless of age, it is necessary you stay flexible. Exercise routines may have to change, but there are several that are beneficial to staying in shape and have you moving around without back pain. Daily walks, yoga, and swimming are all helpful, restorative activities that will have you feeling great, and possibly even younger. Doing a full body stretch routine can improve your flexibility and range of motion, which is really important for the full use of your back.

soreness recovery Stretch Station

5. Stretch It Out

Whatever methods you choose to implement on your road to a pain-free back, stretching your muscles must be included. Gentle stretching of the back muscles can aid in re-alignment of the spine, reduce tension, and increase one’s range of motion and mobility.  Here at the Stretch Station our practitioners are both knowledgeable and experienced with soreness recovery techniques. Sessions are designed around your needs and will have you feeling relaxed and ready to go without back pain. We help you stretch any muscle safely and efficiently.

*If your pain is the result of an injury or is accompanied by fever, shooting pain down one or both legs, or weight loss seek medical advice.

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